Fishing Journal: May 25th 2017: First Barbel and what a whopper (ish)

First Barbel and what a whopper (ish)

Today I caught my First Barbel and what a whopper (ish)

Bank side woodland viewToday’s jolly was to New Farm Fishery near Maidenhead, Berkshire, which offers 2 Carp and Cat fishing lakes and a stunning Match fishing lake stocked with no less than 15 spices of fish.

I had called the day before to ask if the match lake was free to fish as my eye was on landing my first Barbel. It was so loaded the car and off I went for an early start.

Arriving at 7am, that time the fishery opens, I followed the track around to the clubhouse and modern toilet block and was greeted by the bailiff who advised I fish peg 1 or 2 on the match lake as they were fishing well.

Hot Bacon Rolls delivered

I choose peg 2 which offered the view in the picture above, which shows you how well kept and pleasant a place the fishery is.

The bailiff popped around to take my £10 and asked if I wanted to order something to eat. I asked for 2 bacon rolls as I had forgotten breakfast in my eagerness to get to the fishery and he said he would be back soon and scooted off in is 4×4 farmers work buggy.

I had just set up my 3 rods, only going to fish one at a time but best be prepared, when he was back with delicious bacon rolls all hot and steamy. What service is that and set me up for a good day, which it ended up being.

After munchiCandian Geese Familyng my bacon rolls I tried working the margins with my Crow Quill loaded Whip to see if anything was close in, but no immediate bites and decided to bait the margins while fishing the bank on the far side.

And look how decided to pop by between casts, a beautiful family of Canadian Geese. Just one of the added pleasures of fishing, sharing the space with gems that nature provides.


Bright Orange Carp !

Bright Orange CarpIt was not to long before I landed which for me, has been the strangest Carp I have caught to date.

This bright orange Carp blew me away in the early morning sunshine and later I showed the picture to the bailiff who was surprised to see one come out of his lake in such bright coloration.

After catching a small Roach it went quiet in Peg 2 so took a stroll further along and decided to move to peg 5 which looked interesting.

There is a overhanging tree one the far bank which some brave anglers have tried to get under with floats, as the ones which got caught were hanging like christmas decorations so I decided to fish no more that a rod length out, baiting the area to entice the fish to me.

Crucian’s are always a pleasure to land

In about 30 mins I started getting bites from a single spot a rod length out, which ended up being the spot the rest of my fish came from for the rest of the day

crucian carpIt is always pleasing for me to catch a Crucian Carp, if they are available in the lake, as along with Tench, this tells me that I am bang on depth and the bait I am using is working.

For bait I mixed a ground bait of my crushed pellets with a couple of hand fulls of 2 and 6mm pellets damped to allow making bait balls and or use with a feeder.

I did use the feeder a couple of times landing 2 or 3 F1’s, but as most of the fish were coming out from this tight spot right in front of me, I stayed on using my Balsa 6 float.

The keen eyed of you can see it in the picture of this gorgeous Crucian Carp.

Its Barbel Time

First Barbel 1lb 2ozEvery since being told there were upto 10lb+ Barbel in the match lake at New Farm Fishery, I had dreamt of landing one as my first ever Barbel.

I have caught a lot of Tench recently, and before this Barbel visited me, I had just landed a feisty 2lb one.

So initially the initially fight and run this Barbel did to my line, made me initially think it was another Tench.

But it was not long before I started thinking it was something else, as it was hugging the bottom like a limpet, refusing to lift up in the water to show its face and be recognized.

But after three or four hard fighting line pull offs I eventually got it in the net and to my surprise I had landed my very first Barbel.

The skin shocked my as it was more like a Perch all rough,sandpaper like. Not slippery as I thought it might be. The cute 4 Barbels and slender features confirmed my first Barbel catch which weighed 1lb 2oz.

A fellow angler was kind enough to take the picture and was pleased to see a Barbel in the lake as he too had heard about them.

Put it in your fishing diary.

New Farm May 25th 2017 logSo all in all I had a great time at New Farm Fishery fishing in the beautifully kept grounds and extremely well looked after by the bailiff, which is not always the case at some lakes.

The fish stock in the match lake makes for an fantastic days fishing and I for one suggest you make a visit soon.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x









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