Fishing Journal: May 4th 2017. My first day at Harrow School !

My first day at Harrow School !

Harrow School Angling ClubAnd a great day it was at Harrow School Angling, my new club which is local to me.

On arrival I meet two friends from AEC, my previous club, who explained some basic etiquette the club has and suggested peg 6 would be a good intrudion to fishing this “new to me” lake.

From the car to the lakeside is a uphill walk of say 400 yards which tested my lungs but managed to haul my gear to peg 6 and set up.

The depth was advised to me as between 4 and 5 feet, so simililar to AEC. Setting up my Balsa 6 float and plumbing the depth I set out a cast towards the tree stump where I was told the match anglers aim for and waited eagerly to see what I caught.

On with the fishing

My first fish on a double maggot was a Skimmer which was nice and thought I would up the bait to a Worm to see what might take that today.

I am now in the habit of doing my initial casts, say 5 or 6, with different baits to see what the fish grab for and what they do not. I then use the bait they seem to not want as my free offerings and focus on what they do want.

Today it seemed they were aggressive for Worm so most of my landed fish where on Worm. AT about 1pm I swapped rigs to a shovel feeder loaded with 2mm dampend pellet and worm hook bait as the wind was gusting quiet a bit.

My morning float seesion landed me some Skimmers, a nice Roach, Mirror and Common carp of which the best was a 8lb 9oz beuty picture right –>

This is one of the bigger Carp this lake holds as the bigger ones are removed every now and again as the club wishes the lake to be a good all round lake for its members and to give good sport in matches they holds each week.

The larger Carp are sold to pay for restocking and this must of just happened as my two friends and I hit many 2 to 3lb stockies all day which was fun and I am sure the match anglers will love this on thier first match of the new season on Sunday 9th May.

At about lunchtime I catapulted in some free offerings and had a bite of lunch myself to rest the swim. My friends had beed feeder fishing all morning and landing a lot of Carp adn Tench, so I though as it was very windy I would follow suit as I mentioned above.

Time now was about 2pm so I cast in with my SHovel feeder, 2mm pellet and Worm hook bait and within miniutes I was onto another Carp.

My PB Tench

Baiting the swim requlary with Maggot, Sweetcon and some soft pellets i had which I have not had much success with, seemed to keep the area I was fishing alive with 3lb+  fish and then the best pressent was gifted to me.

A rod wrenching tug which nearly pulled the rod in told be a big fish was on. The fish played different that the Carp had been, with reqular tugging dives and rest, bolting of allong or down trying to free itself.

After about 7 or 8 mins of this hard fighting I got a glimpse of my fish, a large Tench. I admit now I was very excited and had to calm myself to make sure I landed what I knew was going to be my PB Tench.

4lb 6oz was what my digital scales read and a couple of boys from the school who walked passed kindly took this picture of which I thank them for.

The next hour saw me land another Tench of 4lb 5oz and another of 4lb and then they dissapeared but I did not care, as they had sealed a great days fishing for me……. but then something very strange graced my landing sack.

The Suprise of the day !

After landing a couple more Carp & Bream I landed this striking creature and at fisrt I was unsure what fish it was. I guessed a Koi Carp, hence the question mark in my log, which weight 5lb 8oz.

The clubs Balliff turned up about half and hour later to do his checks on the lake. Me being a new memebr I showed my card adn fishing liecence for 2017 and we got talking about what I had caught during the day.

He was very impressed with the triple haul of Tench all 4lb + and I asked him about the Koi.

He told me there were a few in the lake and this was definightly one of them.

So all in all I think I made a good impression on my first day at Harrow School fishing and will be back soon to see if I can bag one of the 8lb + Tench the balliff told me had come out on the previous Tuesday.

I had a great 10 hours fishing from dawn to dusk. Clocking up 2 PB’s and landing a healthly haul of fish, all of which faught really well and I will return soon to thei treasure on my doorstep, might do a match or two there as well during the season for some fun.

Wishing you all the tightest of lines

DC x



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