Fishing Match Seat Box or Chair ?

Fishing Match Seat Box or Chair ?

Fishing Match Seat Box or Chair ? Was the question I asked my local tackle shop, The Fisherman’s Cabin, as my cheap fist chair had started to fall apart.

A full match seat box was tempting but so was a serious chair as both technically would work for me & here is why befriending your local tackle shop really pays off. Sam, Steve and Steve at The Fisherman’s Cabin helped me choose by showing me physically all the options open to me from their in store stock so that with their advise and guidance, I could make the right choice for me and I chose Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair.

Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair,A match seat box is great, storage and perfect for lakes with wooden built pegs & also rivers but for me, with the lung problem, lifting one laden with gear, which the guys did to show how heavy one would be for me to lug about which was kind of them, made my choice obvious.

In my short but active match fishing career, I have used the first admittedly cheap chair, and until now has served well, so stepping up a level or two will certainly help over 2017 and beyond.Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair,

I also like the way this Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair allows you to set the back angle, so its not always stuck in the reclined position like other chairs, this allows me to fish forward of the chair whilst still having back support. The chairs back is tall as well, supporting my head which my last one did not.

As with a match seat station, this chair allows the addition of accessories such as bait tables, pole rests and so on, even a footplate if I need one, and as I find a need for an accessory I will head back to The Fisherman’s Cabin to get one to suit my needs.

So what is best ? a Fishing Match Seat Box or Fishing Chair….. both as each has its place and fulfills requirements for us all, but for me the Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair ticks all the right boxes and I look forward to using it on Sunday at my clubs January Match.

Wishing you tight lines


Note: I am in no way affiliated with Korum or The Fishermans cabin.My views and opinions are my own




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