Fishing Royal Berkshire Fishery

Fishing Royal Berkshire Fishery

07-02-2017 I popped down to do a days Fishing Royal Berkshire Fishery, and what a treat it was.

The day promised to be the best day temperature wise, according to my weather app, for a couple of weeks here in the UK in Mid February, so took my chance trying out a new to me lake.

Their website at  gives you a lot of helpful detail but I will make you aware that the opening times are for spring to Autumn. Winter they open about an hour later, closer to 8am

Again I was joined by my fishing partner Walter who has had previous experience of the lakes, but that was some time ago. Any changes he notice were all for the positive & speaks well for the current owners / managers.

Ron, one of the bailiffs, opened the shed to take our money, £10 for two rods £8 for one, and gave us a good run down on how each lake normally fishes. The recent addition of new F1’s in lake 3, their match lake, pricked both Walter and my attention, so lake 3 was chosen for our days fishing.

One of the fisheries best assets has little to do with fishing and that is the Cafe. What a gem of a place that has been created and very well managed. Walter and I had the obligatory Egg and Bacon rolls to start our day of right. What I consider to be the best rolls I have had in a very long time. The cafe also makes fantastic meals, of which you would not be embarrassed to take your loved one to for a nice countryside treat.

Sigma Commercial rod set upWe settled on 2 pegs over by “the bins” which resembled a low bank on a river which added to the charm of the lake. I set my new Carp rig and cast it into a bay in front of me as a speculative punt for a carp if it was obliging, but I will sum up the carp part of the day now and say they did not want to come to play, so can not report on that today, maybe next time I visit which will be as soon as I can.

It was also a chance to truly road test my new Shakespeare Sigma Commercial 10’5″ float rod which performed brilliantly, made the playing of fish of all sizes weBalsa stick floats caught a pleasure. Casting my new Balsa floats was also precise and instilled confidence. A great rod.

Maggots were the bait for the day and very soon Walter caught 2 x 8 to 10 oz Roach which is always pleasing and I found a spot under a tree to mark up a few small Roach and Perch….. and then the F1 fun began.

The first, caught by Walter again, which surprised us both with the vigor of its fight and pleased us no end with the quality of the fish, about 1lb 4oz was given, which is about what Ron the bailiff advised they would be.

My first F1I then hit my first F1 a bit further out from the far bank, Walter had to fish tight to the bank on his peg to catch F1’s all day for some reason, but on my peMy first F1 smileg, I was spared the threat of loosing a float or two and able to fish about 6ft away from the bank.

So I was fighting my first F1 which as you can see from the picture looked stunning, a Linear cross F1 & put a big smile on my face. again a 1lb 40z was given.

Both of us stuck to casting then spraying maggots over the top which seemed on the day to get the F1’s, and other fish, feeding giving us a fantastic days sport for early February.

In the end Walter caught a total of 23 fish and I landed 15, which is not bad for a cold day in February and we will both be heading back once this current freezing spell lifts as we both know the sport there will be outstanding come the spring.

The F1’s were fun and lived upto their promise of cold weather sport, which fills us at our lake with confidence, as we will be stocking Tench and F1’s over the coming weeks.

Oh and at last nights monthly club meeting I was nominated as the new Chairman of the club, but more about that after the coming AGM.

So if you want a very nice time fishing, whatever the time of year, you wont go far wrong with a trip to the & maybe I will see you there.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x



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