Going Green to Stop Terrorism

First, if you think this is going to be a piece justifying the CO2 “panic the world is going to end” Greta Climate Hoax then you best go somewhere else for your doomsday fix.

Still here? Good then I shall explain my headline

We are in the middle of an end game power grab by many players who’s aim is to come out on top hopefully not firing a single shot.

Going to War in the WW1 and WW2 sense is rightly fought against by the “Little people” ie me and you.

Today’s Terrorism, either Religious or Government funded, is the key worry for many in today’s Westernized world.

Funding Terror is not cheap and key players use Petro Dollars (income from oil) to fund the actions of terror whether for political gain or deluded religious fanaticism.

If you take the money away by not needing Oil then you essentially cripple Terrorism and the countries gaining power using it as a weapon predominantly against the west.

This is where going Green comes in and after thinking about it makes a lot of sense.

I want to quickly go back to my opening statement about the scare tactics of the doomsday preachers regarding CO2 levels

They have been used, again, to soften the general masses into accepting any and all changes needed to bring in the “Green” anti terror campaign as it is very easy to control and manipulate a scared public with those in power having the “answers” to keep you “safe”.

Sorry Greta & her worshippers but your being used by the same people who have used the gullible for over a century now.

Getting an EV is Patriotic

No seriously it is if you want to cripple the funders of terror and become the strong player in this game of power.

Every mile you make under the power of nuclear feed, or coal via Germany’s new coal powered electric stations, charged EV’s is 1 less Petro Dollar funding players who fund terror across the globe

The more people take up the EV drive the less vehicles cost and the less money those criminals have to spend.

But EV’s are so damn expensive….

So were the first 4k TV’s or Smartphones in their new annual version, but as demand grows prices fall & EV’s will go and are going the same way…. Cheaper.

But, and there are BIG BUTS, this will come at a large cost both financially and ecologically.

You see going Green via and EV is not as “Green” as you think.

There will be NO EV’s without Cobalt which is the key component in the batteries of EV’s today.

To mine enough to satisfy the UK car market alone will require man to double the current mining output.

Now times that by the rest of the Western world, let alone whole of the world, and this alone is an ecological disaster.

The discussion regarding disposal of the batteries which contain untold toxins is still to be clarified and universally agreed on.

Then there is the trust on the suppliers of electric.

We all ask why when the dollar drops the price of petrol stays high and we the consumers will still be beholden to the Electricity suppliers.

How many times do they get our bills wrong and what is to stop them doing that in the future.

Not often raised as topics by politicians because they are the Achilles heal in the EV gold edged dream being currently pushed on us.

Try asking your MP about the cobalt effect on “Green” EV’s & note their response.

I hope my peiece here has made you think a little more questionably about the games being played around us by the power players and remember , not everything your are told is what is truly going on behind the scenes.

I wish you all peace in your lives

Dave Carrera



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