Happy 2017 everyone. My resolutions are

Happy 2017 everyone.

I wish you all a Happy 2017 everyone and My resolutions are as follows

  1. Well this is easy, to further my adventures in all things fishing and report back here. I am focusing on float fishing in the main. Fly fishing will be kept for the Mayfly and high summer. Making traditional flies to the most original patterns I can find and sharing the making of here in text and video.See told you that was an easy one
  2. To no longer discuss or voicing my religious or political opinions here or anywhere. I notice to much of my time, and maybe yours, is spent discussing these things, leading to arguments and sometimes pain, so best leave them at the door and use the extra brain time to focus on what counts. Bettering ourselves, fishing, family, music, helping others.
  3. To get back into drumming “again”. Now that my lungs seem to have calmed down, or I am managing the pain better both physically and mentally, so I will make 2017 one of new pride and skills in my life of drumming. Currently, but subject to change, I will focus on the blues and Texas shuffle styles.

There you go, that should be enough to work on and hopefully achieve in 2017

Would be great to hear what you plan to change in 2017, so why not comment below and for a giggle, we can check back going into 2018 to see how we all did.

Again I wish you and yours nothing but the best for 2017 & hopefully we can share our achievements via here, my Twitter or Instagram, connect with my via the buttons above and say Hi.

Wishing you tight lines




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