Happy Days in the Studio

Happy Days in the Studio

After yesterdays (24-01-2018) session in the studio, I am looking forward to more Happy Days in the Studio

The plan was to at first, have a day by myself in the studio to shake of the rust but more important, see if any major changes were needed in the setup due to my lung issue.

The Kit

As you can see from the picture I set the whole kit up to check it out and tune where needed. I don’t normally use this size of kit in a pub or club preferring a 1 up one down setup.

The first hour was spent setting up, tuning and just playing the drums to find any new limits.

Then I started with playing along to songs via my smart phone and earphones.

This was a bit hard as they have limited the volume level so I could hardly hear what I was playing along to but worked through many different styles including rock, ska, blues, shuffle and so on.

Confidence grew:

I got to playing a run through of She Sell Sanctuary by the Cult, as a side note I have a cassette tape, for you young readers Google it, of me playing this live 1990…., gulp I’m getting old , & decided to just turn on the recording on my phone and record it to see how it is.

I will say I think its not to bad for a single run through, a little bit pushy and pully in the middle but not bad considering.

Below is the video of which I added the real track as a layer, cutting in and out of me drumming, so you can see im not that far off.


All in all I am really pleased with my kits setup, sound & my time in the studio.

I now look forward to getting my bands mates along to the next studio time to rock it out for real !!!




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