Has Jo Brands acid “joke” done the world a favor ?

The recent issue with Jo Brands “Acid” milkshake “joke” had even me arguing that this was a step to far taking into account the recent Milkshaking of political opponents that were just laughed off by the media, left leaning politicians and twitterati.

My key argument back to people saying it was only a “joke” was and still is, go and meet the victims of acid attacks and explain the funny side of this joke to them.

But could Jo Brand have done us all a favor with this “joke”?

Has this issue shown the deep-seated hypocrisy in the media,mainly the BBC, in how it dishes out punishment for comedians using edgy satire for jokes?

There have been many cases recently of comedians not fully in the Cultural Marxist left camp of the BBC / MSM who have ignited “MAJOR OUTRAGE” when using quips, satire and 180isums causing de-platforming, threats of violence and sustained media pressure.

Carl Benjamin

Case 1: carl Benjamin and his joke regarding the tweet that he would NOT rape Jess Phillips, an outspoken Labour MP who laughed in a parliamentary debate regarding men mental health issues.

The word RAPE got taken out of context and even to this day is still used against Carl unjustifiably as the funny side can not been seen by the left.

Count Dankula

Case 2: Count Dankula and his Pugs “Nazi” salute opened the full wrath of not only the Social media, MSM and even the Legal system of which as of writing I believe he is still facing a change because of his “joke”.

Jo Brand’s “joke” about using Battery acid not Milkshakes to throw over political opponent’s she / you don’t like is “just a joke” “Context man” “Leave her alone she didn’t mean it literally” which shows us clearly the blatant hypocrisy of the Left & MSM for which I now thank Jo for doing us a favor in outing this for all to see, well those with eyes open.

It is obvious to me, thanks to Jo, that the growing suspicion is that Eric Blair was right in warning us that

“all pigs are equal but some are more equal than others”

Thank you Jo for giving us the weapons to fight back against this Left biased hypocrisy and I hope that this episode is thrown into the faces (metaphorically) of the MSM when next a Carl Benjamin or Count Dankula comedian is attacked, ripped a part , de platformed in the future.



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