Homeless & Social Housing

Labour the party of the people or the Conservatives ?

On the 15th May 2019 David Lammy, the gobby one from the Labour Party, posted on Twitter that it is a scandal that Housing Associations should do more to house the homeless.

On the face of it that is a good request, but I thought about this for a moment.

Why should it be the care of Housing Associations who are in part commercial entities with ties to local authorities?

Why is it not the responsibility of the Local Authorities via Social Housing of which I am sure us normal mined people would accept that this kind of housing need is why we have Social Housing.

So I had a look at how much Social / Local Auth housing has been build in the last 20 years.

Why 20 years ?

Well it is a fare comparison because the available details via the Governments own website, ie Official GOV Stats , have the details freely available and it is great for comparison as the Labour Party were in power with Blair and Brown as PM during 1997 – 2010 (13 years) and the Conservative with Cameron and May 2011 – 2018, which is when the data ends for now.

Based on the graph I create shown hear you can see clearly that David Lammy’s Labour party failed people needing Social Housing for all of Tony Blair’s term and did a small increase under Gordon Brown.

It is very very clear that once the Conservatives got in power under Cameron that Social Housing completed builds increased dramatically and continued even though there was a global market crash in 2008 to deal with.

My question is simple, based on Government information and faced with these facts, which party is for the low income people in our society ?

Obviously NOT Labour.

Government data Source below

Disclaimer: I am not a voter for or supporter of either Labour or Conservatives but will always give credit where credit is due regardless.




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