I have a new Whip!!!!

I have a new Whip!!!!

In the middle part of 2016 I gave pole fishing a go and ceremoniously ended that sharpish, due to constantly breaking the poles, even after getting them repaired. I swore I would never ever use one again until…….

Earlier this year I saw a fellow club member using  Whip in a competition bringing him success catching a wining 4oz Perch, It was a hard days fishing believe me, so I chatted and went to my local fishing tackle shop to inquire (code for buy) me a whip.

I spoke to Steve who made it a mission to go through the stock to find what he deemed best suited what I was after and installed a length of size 7 elastic to allow playing larger fish as they are hooked.

The whip is a 3 piece telescoping (no brand) which for the last couple of weeks I have been using for close margin work. To date I have landed many 3lb+ Bream, 4 x 5lb ish Carp and a healthy selection of Roach, all within the Whips 9ft range.

Playing the 1st Carp was hairy to say the least but just link your top section on your 16M pole, my telescopic whip played it well and has enough power to encourage the Carp not to scream off into the nearest obstruction.

All I can say is this rod, which fits nice in my rod bag along with my Carp rig and goto float rig, will feature a lot this year.

Price was £25 all in which if it breaks is not going to cost as much as the single sections I bought before for my full pole, so happy days.




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    • Hello Darren
      I’m sorry you take umbrage to my Elasticated Whip but as it is used as a term of difference i will stick with using the term.
      This whip was made for me at my local tackle shop having the flick tip cut down and a No.8 elastic added to give better shock absorption of which works incredibly well.
      Wishing you tight lines on your next fishing adventure


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