Why I Picked Zildjian “S” Series cymbals

Why I Picked Zildjian “S” Series cymbals

Before I dive in and answer the question of Why I Picked Zildjian “S” Series cymbals, I want to get a big shout out to Rob & the guys at Foote’s Drum Shop.

footes drum shophave been serving the musicians of London since 1920. Throughout my drumming career I have popped into Footes to buy various drums and bits and bobs. Always getting the very best advice and being able to “Try before you Buy” makes supporting and shopping at your local drum store and a no brainer.

Rob let me try many of the brands I had read reviews about online, listening to the studio sound clips available on some brands websites.

But there is truly nothing like being able to compare products side-by-side and making your own ears choose for you. This is what I did and is why I Picked Zildjian “S” Series cymbals.


So why the change in cymbal brand ?

For most of my career I was a passionate Sabian player. Loving the quality or their products and the sounds delivered live and in recording studios.

HHX were my cymbal of choice and they served me well.

Now I am restarting my drumming “again”, going down a more blues / blues rock path, not gigging as much as I did due to health, I could not justify the top end price tags so started looking at the “Mid priced” cymbals.

With a fully open mind I searched the web for reviews and sound clips, probably like you do, and like you, getting conflicting opinions about brands I thought looked and sounded good.

This is where buying from your local drum store is VITAL !!!

Being able to try for myself and find the sound I want from my cymbals was perfect and eventually the Zildjian S Series made my ears sing.

S series Zildjians boxWhat he Zildjian website say about the S Series

“Zildjian is proud to introduce a new modern cymbal voice developed after an intensive two year research and design project. Introducing the S Family – a versatile collection of bright and expressive cymbals built with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. The S Family will redefine your expectations of what a B12 alloy cymbal can deliver.”

As I have not been able to test in a gig situation yet, and will review these fully when I do, I knew what I was looking for from my cymbals, playing pub gigs locally soon.

First I tried the 20″ ride which instantly gave me tones that I know will get through the Bass and Guitar and a bell the pings with the best of them.

The 18″ crash gave a warm, dark tone and I am looking froward to working this cymbal through its range

The 16″ crash was brighter than the 18″, a true accent cymbal to punctuate song sections and the 14″ Mastersound Hi-Hats give a full volume, if needed, click and expressive hat opening sound of which I enjoyed a lot.

It was an easy decision !

So for under £400 it was an easy decision to make these my new cymbal choice for my new path in drumming and I look forward to posting a full review blog as a soon as possible.

A big thanks again to Rob and the guys at Footes and see you again soon

Note: I am not affiliated in any way with Footes, Zildjian or any drum brand and all opinions are my own. Like you I buy all my drum gear and hope this and any post,blog,review I write helps you in some way.

Wishing you all well

DC x



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