Kitted up for a Pike adventure

Pike fishing next week(17th August 2017) in Norwich

I’m fully kitted up for a Pike adventure in Norwich on the River Yare Norwich with fishing buddy Paul Allen.

we are using the professional services of who offer a full Pike fishing service with guides on the River Yare in one of the equipped boats.

Kitting out

I have used this new adventure to get kitted out with predator fishing gear, not that I need much excuse to visit my local tackle show Fishermans Cabin  .

My first bit of kit is a Greys Prowla spinning rod which has a capacity to handle lures upto 50g. I added this as my current lure rod is a small Berkley capable of lures upto 20g which I use on my local canal for Perch fishing and felt I needed something beefier.

These two spinning rods make use of two reels I already owned loaded with braid line. My very first reel I ever owned a Korum reel from the club kits they sell for anglers just starting out and my Drennan 7 Series carp BR reel.

Dead bait and Carp:

No I am not dead baiting for Carp. I do not intentionally fish for Carp in my adventures so do not own a 2.5 or 3lb rod suitable for Pike dead bait fishing.

I do have my 6 foot NASH carp rod for those occasions where I fancy a lazy hour or two bank side fishing for Carp, but this is not useful for dead baiting for Pike of a boat so I have added a rod I think will best suit this task.

drennan e-sox pikeflex 10ft rodI bought from the Fisherman’s Cabin a new Drennan E-sox Pikeflex 2 and 3/4lb 10ft rod for big lures and dead baits.


  • Length: 10ft
  • Test curve of 2.75
  • Stylish green paint finish
  • Fuji screw-up reel seat
  • Responsive and tactile tip
  • Significant reserves of power in the mid-section
  • Subtle, dark platinum blank
  • Full SiC guides
  • Cork and duplon handle
  • Ideal casting weight: 20g-70g



This rod will easily cope with any big Pike I might catch and if I do fancy spending some time at a Gravel pit with the intentions of bagging a 30lb+ Carp, then this rod will cope with that too.

Shimano ST 6000 rbI coupled this with a Shimano ST 6000 rb reel loaded with 20lb fine braid professionally loaded by Steve at the Fisherman’s cabin, another reason to use you local tackle shop.

I am currently liking the double handle on my Shimano Stradic reels so opting for the 6000 with it double handle and powerful retrieve feels right.

I’m full of confidence:

I have also made my own trace wires for the lures and using Drennan semi barbed hooks, Drennan super 7 braid to 28lb, swivels and snap links.

Needless to say if I catch no fish it will not be down to not having all the gear, it will be me having no idea lol.

But I am confident that in the hands of our trusty skipper, Paul and I will be uploading to our Twitters @davecarrera3 all day so why not pop along and follow us for upto date info, pics and fun.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x



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