Logitech MK545 combo keyboard and mouse review

For some time I have been looking at refreshing my old wired keyboard and mouse to reduce the clicking volume and get rid of the wires.

Logitc mk545 combo keyboard and mouse review

After a lot of watching video reviews on YouTube I finally plumbed fr the Logitech MK545 combo

After removing the Keyboard, mouse and unified wireless USB dongle from the box I was very surprised at the build quality of both the keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard feels very study, weighty and stiff with very little flex and the mouse has a similar weighty feel.

In my Windows 10 all I had to do was plug in the USB dongle, pull out the battery retention tabs from both the keyboard and mouse and within seconds both were ready to use.

Its early days but the keyboard feels very natural to use and so far I have not hit a key accidentally so my fingers are naturally landing were they feel they should.

Its is a lot quieter than the my older mechanical keyboard and the integral palm rest is nice when you want to rest your hands and ponder on what to write next.

The mouse accurately points where you want it to and the clicks are audible but only just.

The wheel gives a reassuring click feel when scrolling long webpages and pressing it down gives you speedy scrolling up and down negating the need for spinning the wheel to get to the top or bottom of long pages.

I have not loaded the Logitech software that is available as right now I do not have a need to program the keys or fiddle with the sensitivity of either the keyboard and mouse of the box.

The marketing says the batteries should last for 2 years or so but we will have to wait to see if this is the case.

Does it work in Ubuntu Linux ?

Well I wrote this review using Libre Office Writer in Ubuntu 18+ on my PC which is a dual boot Win 10 / Ubuntu 18+, so with confidence I can say yes, which both surprised me as I loaded no drivers and pleased me at the same time.

All in all I am pleased with the great upgrade the Logitech MK545 Keyboard and Mouse combo has already added to my IT world and I am sure it will not let you down either.

Grab yours using the eBay link below




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