London Drum Show 2017 : Great day

London Drum Show 2017

What a great day is was at the London Drum Show 2017 meeting back up with friends I have not seen in a while.

A few years ago I had a stand at the London Drum Show promoting Carrera Drums on the Footes drum store stand.

It was great show with all the main brands showing off their new innovations and smaller drum makers excelling in their custom drum making.

What a relief it was to find the, for all the right reasons, nothing had changed. Yes some new names were displaying their great products, but the basic core vibe had not changed, and nor had the noise level lol.

Some great people

First I met back up with Simon Mellish who runs and owns Percussion works drum teaching school in Christchurch, Dorset.

Simon and I have known each other since the early days of Carrera Drums and commissioned many kits and snares, even helped with the “XRBi” range we made.

Simon is a fantastic drummer with a long list of credits to his name.

If you or your children are in and around the Christchurch area and want to learn drums properly, then look him up

Here is a link to his DrumSense page.


I was to meet up with Jerome Marcus but he could not attend do to jet lag but advised me that our mutual friend Wayne Blanchard was in town from Canada and I should keep my eye out for him.

Found him… and it was great catching back up and hearing the latest news.

Not only is Wayne top of his field in Marketing he also hits a mean groove.

Wayne helped with marketing Carrera Drums and was generous with advise, of which his wise council, in many ways, still rings in my ears from time to time.

If you need help marketing your products in any way get in touch with Wayne via his website

The Gang

Next our gang bulldozed our way into Colin Woolway’s drum tech clinic where his was imparting his wisdom about sticking.

Colin has a very long list of credits to his name and owns and runs the Drum Sense teaching program.

I used to be on the Drum Sense list and am looking forward to re-joining and teaching drums in my local area once I have sorted everything out.

The gang with Colin are from Left to right

Colin Woolway
Scott Ottaway
Richie Burns

Max and Danny at the back
Andrew Street (CEO of Liberty Drums)

Wayne and I then met up with Tony Bourke, professional drummer with many great credits including a long term stint in We will rock you.

I met Tony a couple of years ago via our mutual friend Scott and he was taken back by how well I looked and the fact that I am back in the drum seat.

Tony was so pleased to how well I looked and that playing drums was back on my list.

After his fantastic masterclass I then had the great pleasure meeting back up with Mel Gaynor.

Mel has a great list of drumming projects of which includes Drummer with Simple Minds.

I was introduced to Mel by Jerome who popped round to the Carrera workshop. Mel was taken back with one of our Terrier snare drums & used it on a tour as his side snare.

Out of the blue one day, Mel popped by with a cake made by his daughter which all of my family enjoyed and it was at his Masterclass I had the chance to give a belated thank you to his daughter who was attending.


These are just some of the great people I either reestablished links with or meet for the first time at the London Drum Show.

Everyone was fast to tell me how well I looked and happy that i am back in the drum seat.

I take from the London Drum Show 2017 confidence that our industry is thriving and innovating. That the people I share a skill with are some of the best people I know and look forward to seeing many through 2018 and at the next London Drum Show.

DC x




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