Major catch up

Major catch up

been very busy the last couple of months and have not remembered to update you all with my varied activities so here is a Major catch up to hopefully keep you in the picture


Loads going on here. Started doing my open fishing matches and came 5th in my first match which was good for me and a positive experience.

A group of friends and I from my Freemasons Lodge are going Fly fishing soon which spured me on to re-kindle my fly tying as gifts for them. This also has lead me to make 3 fly rods for my firends and I,  very soon we will have a chance to flick them in anger of which a full report will be posted here asap.


Been busy visiting other lodges and watching the various rituals and noting the differences between how we do it and thier styles.

Learning the Working tools for my friends initiation and I dont mind saying as the day gets closer the more nervous I am getting. Not to deliver it,but to deliver it well for my friend.

I am Web Master jokingly the 2nd WM ha ha, which is not a regonised office as yet so I am proud to say I was installed as a Steward which is the 1st rung on the ladder and am enjoying meeting my lodges brothers and guests as I pour the wine at the festive board.

My 2nd degree is planned for September and I look forward to posting a picture of that in due coarse.


I have been very busy formaing SUBSISTER, which is my new band.

This is exciting for me as it is the first band I have set up, normally I join bands or employed as dep in bands, but have never made my own.

Andy and Rowena are old pals I have worked with before in other projects but Alex the bass player is a new friend and a very good player / person.

Early rehearsals have gone very well and we should be gigging in the next few months.


So there you go, catch up done, I could go on and on but have left it short and sweet and promise to keep my web site upto date in future for us all to enjoy.

Kindest regards

DC x



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