My Masonic path so far

My Masonic path so far

Thought I would update you all on My Masonic path so far since being initiated in the first degree back in May.

It was a bit odd to be honest, the build up , the fantastic ceremony my brothers put on for me and my masonic twin, to then have a holiday for June, July and August.

But I did not sit still and wait for things to come my way, oh no, I went out and explored what I could in Freemasonry to better understand it.


As many of you know I am a fishing nut. I do my best to fish wherever and whenever I can, & I have been able to combine Freemasonry with Fishing 3 times so far.

Twice I have had the pleasure of joining in with a local masonic fishing club and having a fun friendly fishing competition in aid of the Freemasons charity. raising well over £300 whilst having fun, not to bad I think.

The third time was 14th Sept when I was asked if I would like to come along to the Middlesex Masonic fishing Charity next day of fishing with special needs people and being a caster. Try and stop me I said and found myself at the same lakes I learned to fish 2 years ago.

Imran, his helper and I did our best to catch fish and landed 3 to which I was reliably told Imran, who could not speak or hold the fishing rod, was loving his time fishing.

At the end of the day we, the casters, were asked to hand out a Medal and a certificate to our charges and have our photo taken.

This was the most humbling and truly fun days fishing I have had so far and I can not wait until I am asked again to help.

Visits to other Lodges.

I have been privileged to be offered a chance to visit some local lodges and see workings, or as much as I can being just an Entered Apprentice, and have enjoyed the warmth and advise i have experienced at each one.

My first was a see a new Worshipful Master take the chair in Twickenham via an invite from my friend, Brother Tommy, who due to health could not make my Initiation.

This was my first experience of being “kicked out” of the Temple. This is done for all levels in Freemasonry where things might be reviled that we spoil your next step on the path.

I had a great time learning about my Lodge, Royal Union 382, and its long standing in Freemasonry in Middlesex from the Tyler outside while I waited to be allowed back in.

The festive board, dinner, afterwards was great and I gained more information and made some new friends into the bargain.

My second visit to a lodge was to Harrow lodge to see a 1st in full, so seeing the bits that were kept from me at mine, and this was truly spectacular.

Harrow use a different set of workings for their Freemasonry so it was nice to see the differences from mine to theirs, but in the main it was familiar.

Again the festive board afterwards was a true pleasure and yet again I learned a lot and made some more new friends.

My third visit was to the “Big House” in London. UGLE, United Grand Lodge of England, where I witnessed my second Worshipful Master take his turn in the chair.

My current WM was their WM and handed the seat to his new WM. Again I did not see all the ceremony but yet again had a great time meeting new people, 3 other Entered Apprentices (EP) who I hope to see again as we all walk our paths in Freemasonry.

My lodges first meeting, well for me.

September the 18th was my first chance to go back to my lodge and “be part of the team” and witness an EP who was in before me rise and become a Fell0w Craft 2nd degree mason.

Again, i and 2 other EP’s could not see it all and we had to suffer some time at the bar….. lol…. while that part of the ceremony went on.

This also saw my very first speech made in our temple. Whilst playing drums for 30 years I never got stage fright, ever, but that night I was so anxious to make a good first impression, that my nerves very nearly got the better of me.

It was also that night I was given a new, made for me, office in our lodge of WM…. no not Worshipful Master…. that would be a record and a few eye brows would of raised, but a new office of Web Master was made as I have started a new website for our lodge. Bit chuffed this was done for me and I thank my brothers for this.

My speech was kept short and just explained that we had a new website and I was happy to help anyone who had information we could share. I think I did everything correctly and a gentle applause on my first speech was received.

The festive board was nice again and it was nice to meet a couple of brothers from the other lodges I visited be at our lodge.


I hope you can see that in a short space of time I have gained so much from my freemasonry, by putting myself out there and joining in where I can.

I am sure some of your fellow EP brothers have experienced the same and I look forward to meeting you somewhere along our journeys in Freemasonry.

DC x



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