Mass immigration, cui bono?

Apart from the obvious answer that peoples who make a journey from a poor country to a rich country to make a better life, who benefits from a policy of Mass Immigration imposed across the west by governments and the UN?

I’m not going to give to a clever unpicking of a hidden spider’s web style of an answer as it is not needed and can be encapsulated with one famous saying “follow the money”.

When you look just below the surface of the spin the puppets in governments in the west are told to make you believe, you can see clearly why this Mass Immigration policy exists globally.

I wrote a piece last year showing how just the basic needs of Water on an ever-increasing population is unsustainable and if you would like to refresh your memory of the findings please CLICK HERE ->

The most recent data available, from the government in the UK, is that the UK see’s approx. 500,000 legal & illegal immigrants enter the UK per year, which makes the affects shown in my piece above even worse for us in the UK.

So, who is really benefiting from this deluge of peoples?

Well as I know you are intelligent people reading this, you have probably worked it for yourself but I will layout what I think for everyone so we are all clear.

Big Business and Government together are the sole beneficiaries of Mass Immigration. I was going to prefix that with Un-Controlled but as you will see it has been very controlled to meet and end.

May I take this short paragraph and make it clear that this is not an “Anti-Immigrant” hit piece as we need controlled and focused migration to and from our country to satisfy the needs of our peoples but mass immigration is another story.

You could also argue that with controlled immigration taking professionals from struggling countries is  detrimental to those countries becoming better places to live for its peoples, but that topic is for another day, unless you want to discuss it below in the comments.

Come on Dave out with it, WHO BENEFITS?

Ok this is how I and many others see it playing out.

Big business exsists for one reason and one reason only, to make a profit.

Nothing wrong in that as with profits comes taxes and Governments spend taxes for the good of the country, apparently.

But here is the problem. With a slowing birth rate, us Brits and the rest of the Western world barley replacing ourselves one to one, and even with a controlled immigration policy barley increasing the population, companies can not see an increase in profits year on year to feed the share holders a return each year and demands of taxes.

They cannot put prices up as competition is strong in our markets so the only way to make more money is to increase your market.

This is where Mass Immigration comes into play.

If you ramp up the amount of people you need to feed, cloth and furnish with goods you increase your takings at the tills.

Do it every year and each year you see a growing bank balance keeping all those involve happy indeed, except for those who see their local areas change out of all recognition, wages in real terms fall in value, housing priced out of each forcing the workers into slums of the renting classes, again…. (Victorian slums), traffic and the highest levels of congestion every recorded, even with a “carbon tax” on entering cities to apparently reduce congestion.

Have you ever seen mice or rats on a confined space breeding so fast that the supply of food runs out and they start to attack and eat each other?

Look at what is happening to the streets of big cities and even some small ones.

Physical crimes of rape, killings by stabbings, mass fighting all playing out in front of our eyes but the media and government’s play it down with “diversity is our strength” shield like slogans to pacify the latte drinking middle class pearl clutchers, reassuring them that all is ok and in control.

cui bono?

I hope you can see, or at least start to see, who are the real people to benefit from mass immigration. We are sold that the diversity gives us new cultures and foods to enlighten our lives and so on, but they forget to mention the high cost to us all, including the immigrants, of all this.

The governments don’t care about the problems mass immigration causes as they receive a bigger tax income to fund the pensions and whims of their blinkered rule.

We need to stop this madness now if we are not to turn into the exploded mice or rat population I mentioned earlier, killing each other for the scraps at the masters table.

You need to vote for parties that promise to stop this crazy policy and get back to a healthy managed & controlled immigration policy that works for everyone on our countries across the west, not for the privileged gated community few.

What do you think ? please leave a comment below of which I will answer all and let us all start making a better world for the majority.



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