Match fishing training session No.2

Match fishing training session No.2

Hold on Dave, Match fishing training session No.2, wheres No.1 ?

I did that a couple of weeks ago to test all my new gear, more about that later, and caught 15 fish on a very cold 3 hour session, but was more of a test of gear than a full session so I did not post about that.

10-01-2018 Peg 24 Harrow School lake match fishing training.

First I would like to explain my take of match fishing training.

The idea is simple but effective. I go to a match lake and in my mind pretend we have done a draw, setup and set a time to start my pretend 5 hour match

My first goal is to land 20 fish and then push it to 30,40,50 if the time allows.

This day was my fish full match fishing training session which ended up being a very good one indeed

The weather never topped much over 6 degrees and a bit of wind chill made it feel colder than that at times.

Thankfully a lesson I learned from my try out made me buy some thermal wellies which made a massive difference in my bank side comfort. Nice warm feet. I also wrapped up with multiple layers including thermals which stopped the cold seeping in and helped me focus on fishing than keeping warm as it did before.

My setup

Over the last few weeks I have bought what I feel to be the best I can afford for my Match fishing. Mostly Preston Innovations and Drennan gear which are well made and thought out instilling confidence.

My match fishing setup for 2018I have a Preston Space Station box with added deep tray, seat with backrest is coming. Bought from my friends at Fisherman’s Cabin.
2 x Preston pole rollers i got second hand from eBay
1 x Monster Margin 8.5m pole fitted with Hollo Elastics and a cup kit again bought from my friends at Fisherman’s Cabin.
1 x Acolyte Carp 13m pole with extensions to take it to 16m. Secondhand Bargain deal from eBay
1 x 9ft Acolyte feeder again bought from my friends at Fisherman’s Cabin.
1 x 13ft Acolyte Match rod again bought from my friends at Fisherman’s Cabin.
2 x Shimano Stradic GTM RC reels 3000 size for the two rods again bought from my friends at Fisherman’s Cabin.

Various other bits and bobs mainly bought from Fisherman’s Cabin to make sure my comport at the bank and all bases are covered.

Ok on with the match fishing training session.

I picked Peg 24, as per the picture,  as it was the best weight in the most recent match on the lake and I was fist at the venue. This is the first lesson I have learned, arm yourself with the latest info you can about match weights for venues so you get an idea or even an edge when fishing it yourself.

My bait for this session was the same as my try out session, half a pint of casters and red maggots. Casters fish slower than Maggots but attract the better fishing including Tench and Carp so I am learning all I can about fishing them and so far, they have been excellent.

Use Casters and Hook BaitThis picture shows how to add a caster to your hook .

Using a size 18 or 16 hook, I used a 16 today, pierce the fat end and slide the Caster along the hook and send the hook point out to the side of the Caster as shown.

Be careful not to break the Caster when doing so, just take your time you will soon get the knack of it, I did.

My pole selection for the session.

On my way to the swim I had already decided to fish upto a 4 section at first, putting on more sections if needed. As it happens, I did not need to and most of the time I used only my top 2, more about this in a minute.

A little tip about fishing sections of pole. Always add an extra section to your setup that you are fishing. So like me, if your are fishing to a maximum of a 4 sections length add the 5th section which makes fishing much much more stable and balanced. If your fishing just the top 2 then adding the 3rd section is upto you.

After finding the depth of my swims I then cupped out a small cup of mixed Caster and Maggots to the 4 section area in front and let it rest for 10 minutes during which I sorted some things out and had a hot coffee from my flask.

I started with my size 6 elastic which is a good all rounder , light enough for small silvers but can handle match size Tench and Carp with a bit of playing and I stuck with this for the whole session.

I started with a Maggot on my hook, leaving the Caster until a little later and a couple of minutes in, I landed my first of 22 Roach for the day.

For a couple of hours, until a little after the church bells struck 10am, I cupped out small baits and fished Maggots then Caster landing some more Roach and some Perch.

Don’t ignore 6 feet in front f you !

A little accident happened when I went to add my 4th sessions on my cupping kit which was loaded with Caster and Maggots. It bounced and emptied out at the top 2 section distance.

Bugger I thought, as I had done so well for the last couple of hours shipping out the bait. But then I remembered a session I had last year at the A.E.C lake where I caught 6 x 4lb plus Bream from a top 2 distance and sat back, had a cup of coffee and let the fish gain confidence on this surprise margin bounty.

I popped on a Caster on my top 2 and lowered it down, not expecting much buy hay, you never know. I was soon into a nice 6oz Roach and focused on this 6ft distance for the rest of my session.

Caught some nice Roach and a nice Perch pictured here.

I tried a cocktail bait of Caster and Maggot and this seemed to attract the better fish. I lost a few good pulls on the line and swapped the bait around, hooking the Maggot first the the Caster which hooked more fish in the lip.



Little tip No.2: Don’t be afraidBonus math winning Winter Tench to mix it up a bit with your hook bait and small changes reap good rewards.

And they most certainly did with my landing of a bonus Tench

I love landing Tench, but a nice potentially match winning winter Tench is a fantastic feeling.

Definitely means your are not doing much wrong with your bait presentation and bite striking.

I put all my faith in the size 6 elastic adding pole lengths on to lesson the strain on the fish and my top 2.

The Tench did its best to shake me off but my Acolyte setup handled it no problem, and after a final lunge downwards when I approach it with my net, I netted this beautiful fish.

Final Scores !

I reached my 20 fish training numbers by 11:30 and decided to carry on until i landed 30 which I manged within an hour or so.

The final tally was Roach = 22, Perch = 7 and Tench = 1.

In my book a great training session where I learned a lot about bait, tactics, keeping warm and the value of a hot flask of coffee.

Unfortunately I cannot do my clubs Sunday matches due to other commitments, but I am looking around my area for weekday matches that I can attend and will blog about these and further training sessions as I do them. Hopefully the tips and contents of my blogs help you enjoy fishing more.

Wishing you the tightest of lines

DC x




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