Milton Pools Oxford Roach Fest

Milton Pools Thame Roach Fest

Milton Pools Oxford Roach Fest

No I don’t mean there was a creepy crawly roach infestation but a pleasant rush of Roach, the fishy kind, leading to this 8 – 10oz beauty.

We, Walter and I, got to the fishery around 8am and after dipping our nets and paying, we headed to Lens Lake pluming for the front section. The initial plan of attack for me was to aim for the Lilly pads but the tree above me restricted my casting so I moved 20 yards to our right.

LESSON 1) Choose your swim better next time DC 😉

So now reset and cast to a black piece of the lake, ie no Lilly’s or other cover, I started to get a little disheartened, its cold, fish are not playing ball & well, not enjoying my time.

Walter was catching at the fist target area and noted a spraying of maggots was bringing on fish, I was doing this so we compared rigs to see if I was doing something wrong. Both our rigs matched so Walter suggested taking 12″ off and see what happens.

Spray the maggots, cast in and bam… a fish. Not a big Roach but a Roach nonetheless.

LESSON 2) Adjust depths regularly or as soon as the fish ease off. Temperature changes affect depth of eating.

Now settled down and in the flow as it were, I was bagging Roach after Roach around 2 to 6oz and having some fun in the cold weather. And at 14:30 ish I got a good bend in the rod and landed the beauty in the picture. It tried to make for the lilly pads close to the back and reed roots to my right but I guided it to the net and proudly got a picture.

NOTE: See the prototype Reed Float in the margin just under the fish’s head? More about this next week 😉

Lesson 3) Target you swim and feed it. Have faith and keep going. It will come good

This was the first true days fishing I was able to test my new Shakespeare MACH 3 rod in comparison to my stiffer pellet waggler I use here before and the difference was obvious. I missed a few fish but that was my fault only loosing 2 on the reel in. All other fish that took the hook can to my hand unlike before and control was wonderful

Lesson 4) The right rod will do the right job.

So all in all a great day pleasure fishing with the ever patient friend Walter, and valuable lessons learned or confirmed in practice not theory.

Find a good swim that affords clear and good access to your target. Feed the swim regularly say once every two casts or every cast depending on the day. Adjust depth no your target and keep at it as they DO come feeding eventually and kit yourself up with the right gear. This is where having good relations with your local tackle shop helps immensely so go make friends with them.

A great start to fishing in 2017 and heres to many more adventures

As always I wish you tights lines and superb fishing

DC x



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