My heart bleeds for Brexit Remain voters

My heart goes out to the remainers in the Brexit debate that are true, honest, honorable Democrats and like the 17.4m Leavers, believe in the democracy we all grew up voting in.

They to have watched the MP’s we put in power, via a social contract of a free vote in the ballot box, to carry out our will to the very best of their abilities, completely smash that reality to the ground by showing us their intention was to never leave the European Project, at any cost.

Watching marches on TV by their fellow Remainers demanding Brexit reversed and the democratic will of the great British public ignored.

The discussions I have had with many remainers results in feelings of utter disgust with the Political Elite, who they recognize have treated us & our treasured Democracy with complete contempt.

I genuinely can not help feeling sorry, sad, humiliated for them, as we Leavers have sort of come used to being ridiculed & derided by what seems like everyone from all angles, but if you are an honest and honorable Democratic believing Remainer, it must kill you inside to watch your so called colleagues tearing our country apart and behaving in such an anti British dishonorable, undemocratic way.

So what can we both do about this, legally?

We are both still people of honor, even though we might have differing political opinions, as we both know the game we agree to play and a vote is a vote is a vote.

Come May 2nd, Local Election day, vote for anyone but not the people who have let us both down ie The Conservatives, The Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and vote for any pro Brexit party or Independent who is standing in you area.

This will send a shock wave through the lower ranks who in turn will scream at the higher ranks forcing them to realize going against both of us is not a challenge they should take on.

The European elections are a nice side show and to give a victory salute to the EU Overlords vote again for anyone, maybe UKIP, Nigel Farages Brexit Party or such.

It will not change anything here in the UK, but it will be fun wiping that smug look of Guy Verhofstadt face for once. A “V” ictory salute of the grandest order.

So Ladies and Gentlemen of Democratic Remain, We salute you, we understand your frustration because we have suffered with it for nearly 3 years and it is time for us to come together and gain back our country. One we both love and treasure.

See you at the voting booth May 2nd 2019



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