New band is in the making !

New band is in the making !

NEW BAND announcedNEW BAND announced am very pleased to let you know that my New band is in the making and I have my great / best friend Rowena Poole to thank in helping making it happen.

I have worked with Row before and we have always had fun in the music produced, so it will be no supprise that Row will be behind the mic with the New Band when her gigs with the fantastic Station House allow.

My old mucker from Preparation-X Andy will be on guitar and a new chap, also called Andy will hopefully be cajoled into taking up the bass player position very soon.

So now the hard work begins, the bit most people do not see.

Hours of rehearsal time both at home becoming song aware and in the studio putting the polish on our new act.

We have also got to decided on a real name and will update you here when we do.

One thing I have already agreed is our open approach to band members. This means that as we are all very busy in music and work, that sometimes we may need to get a dep in to cover Vocals, Guitars, Bass and yes even drums, which will ad new colours to the music and mix it up a bit.

You guys who support live music, of which we all thank you for visiting the pubs and clubs keeping music live, will not only get an act made up of highly professional and experienced musicians, but as a bonus every now and again, meet new players to make sure your night is a great one.

Are you a musicain in the West London area ?

If you fancy dropping in as dep on a gig or three then please contact me and I will add you to our book to be called on when needed. Contact me here.

Thats it for now but please do come back regulary as I will update these posts with news as we develop the New band.

Kindest regards

DC x



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