Pink Floyd ‎– The Division Bell Review

After buying the Limited Edition Blue disc version as a treat for my listening pleasure I thought I would write a review for those who are not yet enlightened to this album

Pink Floyd ‎– The Division Bell

Here is the Discogs Catalogue list

Pink Floyd ‎– The Division Bell
Label: Pink Floyd Records ‎– PFRLP31, Pink Floyd Records ‎– 190759528716, Pink Floyd Records ‎– PFRLP14
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Blue
Country: US
Released: 07 Jun 2019
Genre: Rock
Style: Arena Rock, Prog Rock

Track List

1. Cluster One
2. What Do You Want from Me
3. Poles Apart
4. Marooned
5. A Great Day for Freedom
6. Wearing the Inside Out
7. Take It Back
8. Coming Back to Life
9. Keep Talking
10. Lost for Words
11. High Hopes

My thoughts.

I have been a fan of Pink Floyd all my music listening life, from 10 years old onwards, and always get a smile on my face when I am privileged to play any PF song live at gigs I drum at.

Unlike some I am not one who splits the Sid Barret years from the Rodger Waters years to David Gilmour / Richard Wright / Nick Mason years. To me all of the works put together tell a complete story of the Pink Floyd project & I listen to them as such.

Cluster One, the opening track, Is a haunting Piano and Guitar intro which shows us that in music less can truly be more. Calming you down from your days grind and getting you ready for the next 10 tracks to move your emotions between the pillars and posts PF want to take you.

What Do You Want from Me has that hypnotic funky side PF have treated us to in the past. Lyrically on par with any previous PF track, tormented questions, offering answers but ultimately letting you make your own mind up. Its hard not to sing along to this track once you have enjoyed it a few times.

Poles Apart starts unassumingly with fade in guitars, bass and keys into a song that I dare you not to tap your foot to. Another PF song that you seem to feel the questions being asked are directed right at you, leaving you searching your past & present for an answer.

Marooned is a classic style PF track with gorgeous Gilmour lead guitar begging you to follow it taking you away to a place of bliss inside yourself imagining you have truly been Marooned far away from the day to day strife of life, even if only for a few blissful minutes. Definitely a fave track f mine.

A Great Day for Freedom there is so much of “The Wall” in this track which reminds you, if needed, that you are listening to musical geniuses at work, makers of probably the best & if not second best, album ever made The Wall. Another solo by David that I do not mind comparing to the two epic ones on Comfortably Numb which often brings tears to my eyes, even when I play the song live.

Wearing the Inside Out the beautiful Saxophone of PF past makes a welcome if not somewhat haunting return to a PF track. Gorgeous female backing vocals, a minor hallmark of PF, return as well to deliver a stunning song I often enjoy listening too sitting in the park on a sunny day pondering.

Take It Back lifts us up in mood to a songs that puts a spring in your step adding a lighter viewpoint to the world around us. As a drummer I love Nicks way of swooshing cymbals in the intros to a song building us up to the rhythmic journey we are taken on. Again another song you will sing along to and find your own story inside.

Coming Back to Life love, lost loves, how we handle them all wrapped up in in another uptempo track offering hope when you think all is lost. Davids guitar once again hits them feeling buttons and works you like his willing puppet, crying for more at the sudden end.

Keep Talking for me is a lesson for us all in life, love, work, politics and globally. All we really need to do is…. keep talking. This song for me has an outer space, outer body feel about it with a lick that is yet again another epic for history to ponder on.

Lost for Words Autistic guitars of summer with a heartbeat bass drum setting you on a path to walk on. Deep lyrics make you focus on the story being laid out in front of you and for me keeping an open mind rather than closed, living with a darkness not experience by many thank you god but opening the door to enlighten you soul. A great piece of music.

High Hopes the joyous wedding bells lead to them tolling for our time divided. A retrospective view of our past and where the mistakes have led us. So much power in music and lyric in this song that you will find new meanings and notes you did not before, much like many of the PF catalogue. & who is Charley ?

Division Bell is not Pipers at the gates of Dawn and not Comfortable Numb or Dark side of the Moon and thank all the gods for that. It stands on its own giving us Davids thoughts on his / their / our time together and for me is a key album in my every growing collection, maybe yours to.

Do you own a copy ? Do you agree with my take or have your own slant on this great album? Would you like me to do a similar review for any other Album ? Then please leave a comment or contact me and I will make it happen.



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