Royally shafted without lube

If like me you are a Leave the EU voter then the news that the Brexit Party has capitulated to the Tories is just about the worst news you could hear today.

This now means that it is very likely that the Tories will win a healthy margin in the forthcoming general election and Boris will be able to push through what is in affect the 3 times defeated May Deal, keeping us locked into the EU for ever but now on even worse terms which was the whole plan all along.

I have to take my hat off to the main players in this play.

David Cameron for “giving” us the vote that if we voted remain then Kenneth Clarkes vision of Westminster becoming nothing more than a local chamber for the EU would be true.

If, like we did, voted Leave, then this long drawn out play of extension on extension, with Labour and the Lib Dems all joining the Remain camp slowly but surely creating a full REMAIN only General Election choice.

So we now face a future of being the cash cow vassal state of the EU Empire and your children will grow up to serve in the EU Army that was a “Fantasy”, centralized taxation from Belgium, no point in future elections as our “leaders” will be just order takers from the dictators of the EU Empire.

Better start learning German.

Well done all of those singing Nigel’s praise’s for standing down candidates in Tories seats and this goes to show I was right about Saint Nigel all along, not to be trusted and thinks of Nigel only.

Maybe it is time to vote for Labour and make sure their Marxist Economic Genocide hell hole takes hold of our once Great Country and maybe just maybe, millions of you will finally wake up and take back what our forefathers died to preserve.

11-11-2019 will go down in my book and millions of others as truly the worst day in our Democracy and Beautiful country.

Children of the UK, learn a high-level self-defense as you’re going to need it.



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