Saint Nigel Farage ?

Sorry but Saint Nigel is part of the play being acted out by the EU and HoC produced by Germany

The referendum went wrong and Saint Nigel at one point was making adhoc plans to fly the Leave flag again as it looked like Remain was winning in 2016.

Leave won to EVERYBODY’S shock & anger in the EU and Westminster, way off the script Saint Nigel tut tut.

UKIP made to much of a shock impact and rocked the bad ship EUSS Project, so had to be put down a peg or two.

The EU need Saint Nigel to be the pressure cooker valve to control the steam of “Mr and Mrs Angry” from UK

Saint Nigel’s EU paymasters told him to leave UKIP in a huff, a little bit like they told David Cameron to come home huffing and puffing for a referendum to create the Division the EU needed to finally subdue the UK.

Saint Nigel leaving UKIP reduced UKIP’s power as it split the Leave vote, which is now weaker on both sides, all Brexit sides, much to the joy of the EU.

Don’t believe me?

Just watch the many videos available, before they are removed to clean up the trails, of Saint Nigel “Show Ranting” in the EU and outside Westminster, or as the character “Im one of the guys in the pub” shouting what we all think but instantly calming everyone down to pacify the anger. Just what the EU need & he does really well.

Don’t think Germany is in charge of the EU?

There are 27 other so called equal and valid partners to the EU Project, so why then does PM May always go to Merkel first before any other member when discussing our leaving her club?

I am shining my light on the darkness that is the Westminster Theatre groups presentation of the German Produced play called “Brexit: The Subjugation of the UK” performed by both the EU and Parliamentary players.

I do not profess to have all the fine detailed answers, which as time goes by & I shine my light brighter into the dark corners, it will become clearer and I will append my pieces as I go to add clarification.

Actions always speak louder than words and all I ask is that you truthfully, fully with an open mind watch what they are doing and not necessarily listen to the words they say.

Are you promoting UKIP Dave ?

I link here to UKIP as part of the timeline of how I see what my light is shining on and at the moment , UKIP are the lead player to try and claim back democracy.

BUT & it is a very BIG BUT, UKIP have issues, BIG ONES, and I will be writing about this very soon as they need to make quick changes for success.



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