My Sarkanda reed handmade waggler floats

My Sarkanda reed handmade waggler floats

Sarkanda reed Insert Waggler

Sarkanda reed Waggler Here are My Sarkanda reed handmade waggler floats one straight waggler and the other is the insert version.

Made using natural Sarkanda reed, nylon float eye, hand painted detailing & finished in thin coats of tough lacquer to increase the floats life, these waggler floats are great for fishing all coarse fish to a range of around 20 yards.

The florescent tips give a highly visible bite indication with the Insert version offering the most sensitive for shy biting fish.

I personally use the 2aaa size in both versions and can say that this combination works for me either pleasure fishing or in my match fishing. My 14lb Carp was caught using one of the prototypes and another was used recently for catching Roach.





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