Added the Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite Match to stop bumping fish !!!

Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite Match

Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite MatchI have added a Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite Match 13ft rod to my armour which will hopefully combat the bumping issue i have been having discussed in a previous post.

795 Field End Road, Eastcote, Middx. HA4 0QL.

Tel – 020 8248 8100 / 020 8422 9546

My friends at Fisherman’s Cabin ,

helped me through the myriad of chooses we all face when choosing a new rod for a specific task, and we ended up landing on a Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite Match 13ft rod.

Now I know this rod is now a couple of years old,

first launched in 2007 and upgraded in 2010, the guys at Fisherman’s Cabin knew my current skill level did not justify the £200+ float roads, nice that they are, so a realistic £100 was the ideal.

We were just about to discuss a Drennan Match pro

as it fits the bill for a soft float / match rod of about 5 or 6lb max line when I was asked to look at the Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite Match 13ft rod. It was found in the cupboard, well the case was and we spent about 20 mins trying to hunt it down in the rod rack lol, and I admit, the brand Shakespeare made me a little unsure. All I have read about Shakespeare is they seem to aim at the beginner / cheap market and I was aiming towards the mid range.

Convinced to hold the rod

and see just how the tip on slowly lifting the rod, seems to give more power in your hand the more a fighting fish bends into it. Very very soft tip on initial take off fills me with confidence, of not 100% no bumping of fish but greatly reduced and this I will discuss more later today as I am out to test at my clubs lake.

The rod has come with its cloth bag, plastic oval tube AND a case as well. It also has an extention pice for the rod handle if needed and honestly, for the money of sub £100, I could not ask for more.

Today I test the Shakespeare Mach3 xt Lite Match 13ft rod

at my clubs lake in Greenford and am sure, that oif the fish are up for it, the rod will help my bag those bites I was missing before.

I will report back later  REPORT HERE and as always wish you tight lines in your fishing adventures.




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  1. Looks a nice bit of kit Dave! Shakespeare often get a bad rap but I’ve had a few rods and reels of theirs over the years and can honestly say I never had a problem with any of them.

    Hope the addition of a slightly softer tipped rod helps with those finicky, shy winter biters. Casting small sensitive floats should be a bit easier too on light lines.

    Let us know how you get on!

    Mart from MyAnglingNet

    • Hi Martin
      Worked very well indeed. An early 6oz Perch played easy on the soft tip rod, even with its fighting and wriggling.
      Moved pegs as all went quiet and got into a 2.5lb Bream which played like a pole with a size 4 elastic.
      No stress, easy to land and casting is a dream.
      More than pleased with the rod which in my early opinion, stands up to many top ends out there today.
      Cloth bag, oval plastic tube and padded holdall to protect it, shows how much Shakespeare valued the rod, as do I 😉

      Merry Xmas to you and yours and roll on 2017 for much more fishing fun


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