Simple Ledger Rig

Simple Ledger Rig

Here I would like to share my experiences with a Simple Ledger Rig, and believe me you cannot get more simple than this to actually catch fish.

What you will need:

1. A fishing rod. Preferably a rod with a sensitivity tip to spot bites. Maybe like my 10′ 6″ Shakespeare commercial float rod.
2. A reel: any reel but I do like the Drennan Series 7 reels with 100yard spools & read drag. Bay any reel will do.
3. Around 6 to 8lb line on the spool
4. A rod rest

5. A selection box of shot inc SSG but AAA will work too
6. Some hook lengths of between size 20 to size 14
7. Some maggots and or worms

Cost: Should not cost more than £90 or less if you shop around or even better, ask your local tackle shop for kit you out.

Note: I have a rig like this setup in my rod bag along with a copy cat rig which has a float setup instead of this ledger so I can swap between the two if needed.

On with the setup.

This is so simple it should not take you to long to setup and catch fish.

First assemble your rod and string your line through each eye as you would setting up normally.

Cut off a small 4 to 6 inch piece of your line, this will be used for the SSG ledger.

Tie a loop in the end of your line again as you would normally and attach your hook length in a loop to loop style

At the loop point attach 1 x BB shot. this acts to stop your ledger coming off and keep your hook length on bottom.

Now for the ledger bit. Take your piece of line you cut off earlier and wrap it around your main line above the BB shot creating a loop

Take a SSG shot and as close to the main line as possible fix it to your new loop leaving an eye of the loop no bigger than the BB shot.

Now ad 1 or more SSG shots to your loop. Start with 2 SSG shot and if you feel a bit more weight is needed, add more.

Add a maggot or two, or worm & cast close in letting your ledger rig settle on the bottom before slowly tightening your line via your reel until the tip of your rod bends slightly. I place my rod on my rod stand at this point to stop my shaking the rod and giving false bite indications.

You are now fishing dead bottom and before long you should get obvious bites indicated by the tip of your rod bending fully. Ignore tip movements which could be the wind or line bits. Only strike when the tip bends obviously and violently

Told you it was simple

But incredible effective in finding fish or if the wind is up, being your rig of choice for that days session. As I mentioned, I love this rig and have gone to expense of adding a permanent setup in my rod bag which is now my first choice to find fish. On calm days, those days where float fishing is a pleasure, I will swap rigs over to give me finer bite detection, but at least I know where the fish are.

Give it a go you might be surprised and as always I wish you tight lines

DC x



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