Taken 3 years but I’m back drumming

Taken 3 years but I’m back drumming

For a lot of reasons I will explain here its taken 3 years but I’m back drumming.

The Old news bit first

3 years ago I had to stop making drums and then soon after stop playing drums.

Both of these I loved with a passion but my serious lung issues, collapsed right lung 3 times in 4 weeks and a serious op to repair it & the constant pain, of which I still suffer, gave me no real choice so I hung the sticks up.

Last 3 years bit

Drumming has been a massive part of my life, 30 odd years, very odd years, so having to give it up just did not feel right. Over the last 3 years I have had about 4 or 5 false starts. Trying to get back into drumming but not really “feeling” it. Not truly ready to restart my career for the 4th time. Knowing that I would have to change my style again to compensate for the restriction on my right hand side.

But in small ways through out 2017, life has been chipping this and that bad bit away and polishing that bit, letting me see that the time is right to get back doing what I truly love but in a different way, to be confident it is right this time.

The fire is back, a passion that you need inside you to tackle any challenge in life and this one is going to be a pleasure to conquer.

The here and now !!!

This is where I’m going to do a bit of name dropping but it all fits in to the post and thanks must be accredited to those around me that have put up with me for the last few years.

First Sam Kelly. Sam was a big supporter of Carrera Drums and we had a great relationship as fellow drummers. I took some master classes with Sam and learned a lot but the main thing I took and has been buzzing around my head lately was to listen to your self and play “outside” the box. From this I have taken a new attitude to allow myself to change a song if need be, respectfully, but be prepared to change and play it my way.



Rowena Poole,  not only helped me through hospital, but also is the best singer I have ever had the privileged to sit behind. Like Sam she to made me see that change is a good thing and to have the confidence to take it on.

And now on to my good mate Scott Ottaway . Like Sam , Scott was also a big supporter of Carrera Drums and among the many drums he bought, the kit shown left was one of the last I made and he just heard it once and had to have it.

Whenever the slightest conversation about me going back to drumming came up, he always said that the “Cherry Beauty” was coming back to me. And today (31-10-2017) it has.

This 100% Cherry wood drum set was always going to be mine as when making it, the first Cherry Kit I made, I just loved the tone from the shells and the stunning look of the high gloss lacquered  natural wood. The Airbrushed badges were also one of the first I did.


So what now ?

Now I take some time to find the boundaries my right lung allows me and learn to play to minimize the pain.

I will form a Blues / Blues Rock band through 2018 and deliver fun, entertaining gigs in my local area and see what music sends my way, enjoying every minute which is the foremost thing.

On November the 3rd 2017 I hit 50 years of age [My 50th Surprise]and starting my drumming over again.

I am looking forward to the road of discovery and will post significant miles stones here as and when they happen.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at a gig soon

DC x





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  1. Best of luck Dave with your new adventure. Drums look stunning mate. Age is an awful thing though only a number but the body can let us all down. Best wishes and hope to see you at a venue sometime.

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