The BBC have made me vote Conservatives

This Thursday 12th Dec 2019 I will be using my vote in my hard Labour voting area to vote for the Conservatives as there is not a Brexit party candidate in my ward.


Well it is not that I think the bumbling buffoon that is known as Boris Johnson will deliver a true meaningful departure from the EU, a real Brexit rather than his planned Brino, & be a great PM for the UK.

Its not that I think keeping out of power Jeremy Corbyn & his acolytes of Marxism will be truly in the best interests of the UK with Labours track record of bankrupting the UK time and time again.

It is because the only real pleasure I will get out of watching BBC content on Thursday night, after my drumming gig, into Friday the 13th……… will be watching the faces of the bias “reporters” squirm & opinion squeal at the site of the blue line of victory speeding across their on screen graphics.

The BBC has demonstrably proven time and time again that their remain, socialist bias has destroyed and credibility the BBC had in true journalism, reporting of facts over opinion, & to anyone awake, can clearly see the EU funding at working within the Manc HQ to undermine democracy on many levels.

On my drive back from the gig I will try and buy a bag of popcorn to sit back for an hour or so to watch the BBC anchors, I was tempted there, and EU bias paid pundits melt like the seasonal snowflakes soon to descend on us from above.

Your vote counts.

I can’t be bothered” “its to cold” “they are all the same” and any other non voting excuse is not an option in the coming General Election Thursday 12th Dec.

The VOTE you have is a powerful statement, regardless of who you place your trust & as a true citizen of the United Kingdoms you have a civic duty to place your mark and give a high turnout for them to digest over their Latte and croissants in Islington and Westminster.



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