The Brexit Battle Plan

The Brexit Battle Plan

As we get closer to the 29th March, the day we are to leave the EU as Article 50 runs out on that day, it is fast becoming obvious that due to the UK Government, Parliament and the House of Lords ,will succeed in stopping Brexit.

We will be left tied to the EU via Mrs May’s abdominal withdrawal plan under a worse deal than staying as we were before the referendum.

Which has been their plan since the day after the Leave campaign won.

When the UK Government, Parliament, House of Lords, which I will now just call Westminster, finally break the solemn social contract of free vote Democracy with the public of the UK, they release us from the laws and previous niceties of democracy to clean out the Marxist globalist cancer that is rife in Westminster today.

Remain voters this includes you, you have also been let down.

Even if you think staying in the EU is the right thing, the actions of an elected body to do the opposite of the accepted vote result, show complete contempt of our voting rights on both side of the argument.

As by going against a majority vote, the Government have said and shown they have no time for any future vote, our opinions mean nothing, not even the value of the paper we put our “X” on.

We have all been let down by the very people we vote into the corridors of Westminster.

The crushing of Brexit, in their minds and plan, will be the first step in imposing full rule by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, making Westminster what it wants to be, a rubber stamping local council office of Brussels EU HQ.

So ok they will win this battle but the war is not over.

You see there has been a great awakening around the whole of Europe because of Brexit, uncovering the hate driven rhetoric of the EU globalists & millions upon millions of true Europeans no longer see the EU Project as their masters.

They will win this first battle of Brexit, and a bit like the beaches of Dunkirk, we will retreat & come back with powerful allies to finally defeat this globalist EU nightmare.

It will take battles at home in the shape of small victories at the ballot box for the small anti EU parties like UKIP, For Britain, Brexit Party and more, putting MP’s into Westminster slowly but surely eroding the power of what used to be the two parties of Conservative and Labour which now are effectively just one monster Marxist tyranny.

So keep strong, keep the faith

Which will take a knock over the coming couple of weeks, but we will stand fast against these lunatics and claim back our ancient democracy, once revered around the world, to be the shinning light for freedom and democracy once again.



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