The Brexit Party – I’m In

A couple of points first before I explain why I now fully endorse The Brexit Party for the up coming EU Elections.

I am a paid up member of UKIP and I learned a lesson a couple of years ago about being cautious which is why I am still a bit unsure about Nigel Farage’s true intentions with The Brexit Party.

UKIP for local votes May 2nd

All that aside I truly believe that UKIP is the future party of all for a United Kingdom that once again believes in itself and self governance.

I believe UKIP’s time and efforts are best spent working away building up a solid grounded base in the UK & aiming for UK Parliamentary seats & not being distracted by the EU circus as with a good wind, the EU for us will be over very soon.

This is why I will be voting for UKIP in the local elections on the 2nd of May to help build up a great foundation of truly democratic believers in Britain at the grass roots which can be a springboard to add MP’s into Parliament in the coming General Election.

The Brexit Party for EU Votes

If nothing else the Brexit Party will cause the biggest political bloody nose the EU has ever seen.

If the likes of the Great Matriarch Ann Widdecombe, a 55 year Tory, can see the benefit of supporting The Brexit Party in the EU Elections 23rd May, then who am I to disagree and as such they will be getting my vote.

Is it a protest vote ? Very much so and if you are a Leaver like me then sending the most powerful message to the EU via The Brexit Party, as they have solidified the anti EU vote in the UK, is a wise thing to do in my opinion.

The winning tactics.

UKIP May 2nd ,focusing on domestic issues and winning people around to once again believing in the power we have as an independent nation with friendships both in the EU, Europe and worldwide to rebuild a successful nation for all its peoples .

The Brexit Party May 23rd, sending a powerful message that us Brits are never to be messed with and without firing a shot in anger, showing they way we feel about the EU Project & its campaign to undermine our treasured democracy will not be tolerated, whether we voted Leave or Remain.

This is the WIN WIN for the UK and I hope you might see it this way. If not please let me know as I really like hearing your opinions and ideas.



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