The Brexit Party – To good to be true?

From the start I am going to come clean with you, I once rallied behind Nigel along with millions of others when he fronted UKIP, of which I am a card holding member,

At the time of winning the 2016 referendum to Leave the EU, I was not the only one that noticed this seemed to be unwelcome news for Nigel.

As of the date of this article visiting the official website shows nothing about any policy and looks to grab donations and supporters of the new Nigel bandwagon.

Voting for a one trick party like the Brexit Party (BR) is a waste of time.

It makes no change to the European Parliament function and only puts Nigel and friends back into MEP seats to give a thin vial of respectability to the Federal EU

I truly believe that we have been hoodwinked by Nigel and the EU.

In my recent piece

I set out that Nigel has been the required anti EU pressure cooker valve for us who are against the EU to focus on and in his “Nice Uncle” way, to pacify our anger.

Being allowed to perform in the European Parliament like a EU useful clown as it were.

UKIP became a real threat to the EU which was not part of their plan.

Nigel was told to leave it as leader, take a back-seat while the destruction of the referendum is carried out splitting the Leave campaign in the process.

Sargon of Akkad made a video explaining the contradictions of Nigel reasons for quitting UKIP here, which shine a light on the character of the man for all to see who are prepared to look.

So what about the new Brexit Party?

Nigel’s new “anti EU” party has been setup and I cant help feeling that this is yet another vehicle to channel part of the angry leave vote into the safe hands of his EU paymasters to manipulate. has only one policy and that is to return Nigel back as an MEP to the EU.

As always he will have no powers to change anything nd basically be there to rubber stamp any EU diktat he and the other MEP’s are advised to, acting the clown along the way for our amusement & to make us believe there is an “Anti EU” voice in their house.

Nigel has only achieved one thing, splitting the Brexit votes and this if he knows it or not, plays skilfully into the EU hands to keep us remaining in the Federal EU.

If like me you agree that the problem with UK Politics are the UK Politicians, then voting for a one trick party like the Brexit Party (BR) is a waste of time.

To make changes in the UK we need as a peoples, a political party that will stand up for its people first then others second, not the other way around.

UKIP and a few other new parties seem to be fitting the requirement, but as I have posted here earlier,

UKIP have issues that NEED fixing before they can forge ahead.

I really hope I am wrong, I really do but the warning signs are so obvious that the new party has been setup to split the Leave voters, see how it has been promoted by even the BBC, when you allow yourself to look and see, that I fear that none of this will end well


Sargon of Akkad:



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