The Westminster Playhouse

brings to you a play by the producers of the EU titled “Brexit”

The play is a story of control of one member of the team who is so powerful, it could never really bring itself to kiss the hand and become subservient to the true masters.

The UK has more than a thousand years of standing up for itself against many tyrants and the EU knew this, but how to break the Lionheart within the peoples of the UK and bring them into line.

As Jon Bercow, the leader of the parliamentary playhouse, says on a daily basis and in thunderous voice “DIVISION!!!!”

The art of war “Control through division” is the basis of the Brexit play written by Mekels scriptwriters in the EU and has been played out beautifully, if it is made into a film it will win many Oscars I am sure.

This modern play of intrigue, subterfuge and deception begins with the then UK PM David Cameron entering stage left unhappy with the EU for not giving him what he felt was needed to calm the UK politically & storms off saying “We will have a referendum” which of course is what Merkels team told him to say and he played it well.

The referendum was the main tool to create the division needed & drive the first stake into the UK’s Lionheart, this went according to plan.

Now the EU “boooo hissss” come on people join in “BOOO HISSSSS”, bring in their star player Mrs May, the new PM via no election due to David’s planed resignation in a huff, to implant the “Deal” that is part of the script & was never discussed in the Referendum, the dirty little secret of this play, into the hands of May to sell at all costs to the UK people.

Now we cut to the 650 Parliament Players in the Westminster Playhouse.

Their roles are split into w camps, one side the “good guy leavers” and the baddies “the Remainers” “BOOOO HIIISSSS” come on join in “BOOOO HIIISSSS”….

designed to give all of us serfs a side to focus on while the stage hands behind the scenes in the civil service and media, all part of the EU production team, make sure the scenes & actors are in place to play out as scripted.

After 3 years of faux arguments and theatrics on all sides, including trumped up rallies of passion to keep us serfs on one side or another, we quickly come down to the final scenes.

By now the Lionheart of leave should be weak and tiered of all this “passionate” toing and froing displayed by the players of Brexit and willing to take the knee, bowing before the new masters of Europe.

Hope is give to the Lionheart when the WA plan to keep us fastened to the bosom of the EU but with no powers and influence, is voted down for no less than three times.

Great cheers of joy ring out but are dashed when an extension is agreed to, now bring in the minor act of “is it truly legal” to keep flagging viewers entertained, with a new Leaving date set into law of April 12th.

But the players in Parliament are not fazed, as they have read the script and with a few days to go, the Cooper Plan is voted on with the deciding vote taken by the Speaker, oh the tension I cant stand it.

No Deal Brexit is OFF THE TABLE, which of course is all part of the script as we all know now we are not supposed to leave the EU all along, don’t we?

“Bravo, bravo well done one and all, a true masterpiece, a must see play by the Parliamentary Players.”

Would be the headlines if the news media were honest and not also players in this play call Brexit.

I notice that as the end of this play is obvious, many theatre goers are leaving their expensive seats to probably chatter amongst themselves about the rights and wrongs on both sides of the game they were made players in.

Probably still not noticing that is was all a play, cleverly written, beautifully played by all the actors and that they should really stay and give them the round of applause for their skilful execution of the EU play called Brexit.


Maybe they are retreating to the pubs and coffee houses, in the style of another great play called “Dunkirk” to re group, learn from the faults in the play they have just witnessed & write their own sequel.

Removing the stake driven into the Lionhearts heart and like Aslan, leap forward stronger, fitter and more importantly wiser than before, to be the victor in the sequel

“Brexit – The Awakened.”

produced and written by the UK Lionheart Players.

I look forward to watching that and writing my review soon…… very soon



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