Theresa May resigns as UK PM

Finally, the EU backed trojan horse that has been sitting in the driving seat of the UK for over 3 years has got the message that the UK peoples have seen through her plan to keep us a vassal state of the EU project & tendered her resignation

She had a chance to go down as one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has seen in a long time, maybe since Winston Churchill.

All she had to do is Leave the EU on the WTO we and the EU project are already signed up to, negotiate any new trade deals with the individual countries, mainly Germany and France, & lead us into our new found freedom.

At least 25 million voters, 17.4 million Leavers and the rest made up of Remain voters who believe in how our democracy works and are honorable enough to abide by the original result, would have been her backing and that of the Conservative party.

But she and her lackeys have spent 3 years doing all they can to tie us into staying in the EU with less say and power than if we had not voted to leave.

The pent-up anger of the country has been released and the anger and hatred for this woman is calculable.

She and the Conservative party only have themselves to blame for this inevitable outcome and time for a new politics is ripe for the taking by UKIP, The Brexit Party, For Britain and any other party willing to put the UK first in all its dealings.



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