Theresa May to finally Leave

Theresa May to finally Leave

48 letters have finally been handed in and it looks like Theresa May is to finally Leave, we hope.

Under the party’s rules, least 15% of Tory MPs must write such a letter to make a leadership challenge possible. That mark – which translates as 48 MPs – has now been passed.

We now wait for the vote later today, Wednesday 12th December, to see if more than 158 MP’s will vote against the PM

It is a secret ballot so we will never know how they voted but reports are around that the parliamentary whips are telephoning MP’s applying pressure to back the PM.

2 wasted years

It has been 2 wasted years with Theresa May (TM) at the wheel.

Full of lies and planning that amounts to keeping the UK in the EU Project rather than a clean Leave which was voted for by 17.4 million people in 2016.

It has been painfully obvious that TM has not had the best interests of the UK as she kept telling us, buckling to every demand by the EU at every turn.

WTO Rules

There has also been a lot of scaremongering by both sides of the brexit issue about the WTO, again used by TM to scare people into wanting to stay in the EU Project.

The world trades on WTO and many economic professionals have shown little if any issues for the UK to leave on a no deal under WTO.

Most are pointing out that with our new trading freedoms, the UK will do better than under the thumb of the EU.

We are a trading nation after all.

So we wait

At about 8pm tonight we should hear what has been voted on and the new course the UK is to sail.

TM could win the vote, many say by a couple of votes, and if so technically she will gain another year in office, but if this happens I predict such an outrage from the man on the street, that the UK will go through its own “Yellow Vest” protests and the gods only know how that will end.

A Leave based PM

Hopefully TM will lose the vote, justifiably due to her lies and shenanigans, and a new Leave based PM will be put in place.

We can not negotiate with the totalitarian EU, based on their recent public statements.

So we tell them we are leaving, keep the £39 billion payment, work on implementing WTO beginning of April 2019, if not sooner, and if the EU want a deal, remember the sell more to us than we buy from them, they can come to us and offer us a deal of which we can ponder and see if it’s in the interest of the UK

To be cont…

I will post an update later today with the result



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