Time to get into Crypto

Ok i am going to be upfront with you from the start. I am not a specialist Crypto trader but a hobbist spreading my investments around a bit.

I have read up quiet a bit on Crypto currencies and here I will share my journeys, good or bad with you.

What do you need to get in Crypto?

Well first is an account where you can trade in the currenies in an easy fashion and I chose COINBASE

Trade Crypto Easy with CoinBase
Get a FREE Coinbase account to start trading today.

Once opened andn verified, you have to have a valid form of ID you can photograph to get verified, to can transfer some money from you bank and trade straight away.

As of the date of this post 13/03/2020 the crypto market is down and a good time to buy which is why i took the plunge.

As i am dipping my toe as it where i have small holding of these 3 top cryptos

BITCOIN 3KXbk5RCe7epLn2GxxjqTra65NQsrE77Kq
Ethereum 0xC4a2b80566726Ee1Fc638968c48ebd6989279cAb
LiteCoin MHmLvR7oYyqXgNW114H3eiGE8bJ9xzHe6k

If you fancy sedning me some crypto those are the wallet code to send them to 🙂

SO for now that is it and if you would like to share your tales of Crypto trading please comment below and lets gwet rich together.

NOTE: DO NOT trade more than you are prepared to loose as with any investment you can loose more than you put in. Also my suggestions or posts of how i do are not indictive of the market and you must research yourself. E&OE



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