Took my second step

Took my second step in Freemasonry

Monday 17th September 2018 I took my second step in Freemasonry & a wonderful afternoon / evening it was.

As some of you might already know, I am a proud Freemason and enjoying my time in freemasonry .

The Saturday before my passing to the 2nd degree in freemasonry I visited U.G.L.E to a lodge I have visited before to watch an Installation of their new WM, up to the 1st degree.

This was my last engagement as a 1st degree mason and as always, made to feel most welcome.

Got home at 01:30 after accepting a few offers of beers, to be up 4 hours later to go & do my favourite hobby of car boot buying, which that Sunday I did not do a lot of lol. Sore head syndrome 😉

Meeting & Greeting

Monday afternoon came along and & I was really pleased to see 5 friends I had invited along had made it. Three of these friends in one way or another have and still are, helping me on my freemasonry path and 1 had asked to take part in our passing to Fellow Craft (2nd degree).

My masonic twin James and I had been practising our parts & this time I was panicking a bit.

You see there are some complicated bits and these were my weakness that day, but James had nailed it.

We were told that we would be alternated in our responses and I prayed that James would be landed with the “tricky” ones. My prayers were answered & all went off smoothly.

The ceremony went of really nicely and my friend did his part magnificently & all of my lodge brothers did exceptional workings and before long it was over & we are back at the bar.

The meal

After James and I laughed about how jammy I had been landing the “easier” parts we all had an incredibly nice meal and the room was full of laughter, some at my expense but all warm hearted and brotherly.

My first visit as a Fellow Craft (2nd degree) Mason

Tuesday I was invited to visit the Lodge of one of my friends to see a new brother initiated into freemasonry (1st degree) & this was at the Twickenham Cole Court, a really nice place to visit.

My friend is the Master of his lodge this year and did a faultless ceremony, of which all of us agreed after at the meal.

Our new brother is a nice chap and enjoyed his ceremony but as I explained to him, take any opportunity to visit another lodge who are having an Initiation, to start joining the dots and understanding the full meaning of his initiation, just as I have done for the last 16 months or so.

My 2nd year (or so) in freemasonry

I see the coming year or so as a FC ( Fellow craft) freemason as one of continued learning through study and visiting lodges & helping the growing army of 1st degree masons that are in or joining our lodge Royal Union 382 soon, better understand what their first year is about and how best to enjoy it.

Tuesday 25th Sept see’s me up to London again to see another Installation of a lodges WM, my first as an FC and I am really looking forward to that.

Want to become a freemason ?

Its simple really, just ask one 😉

But first you might want to read the literature at the United Grand Lodge of England to see if what Freemasonry offers suits what you hope to gain from freemasonry.

I can and will help with any enquiries you might have about joining freemasonry in England & will do my best to pass on your enquiry to the relevant Grand Lodge if not covered by U.G.L.E

As always I wish you well & hope to see you here again soon.

DC x


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