Trust a Government with your Broadband?

Labour promises free broadband for every home and business in UK

If the ramifications of this announcement by Labour, but it could be by any political party running for Government, does not fill you with dread then you are truly sleep walking your way through this life.

Labour have announced that they will essentially take back into public (government) control BT Open reach, and what’s to say the rest of BT also sometime later, and give every house and business FREE fibre broadband.

First NOTHING is free and what Government’s mean by FREE is tax payers will foot the bill, remember that the next time any of them utter the word FREE, your paying for it.

Next, as I said on Twitter, at least Labour are being up front and honest about their desire to control your digital presence & not hiding it like many of their ideas.

We already live in a digital world where if you say to much that goes against the narrative of this hard-left Marxist SJW PC world, you are close down, shut out of the Market square of discourse, payment processors close so you lose income, tyranny and fascism in plain sight.

Now add on a Hard Left Marxist Government like Labour is panning out to desire becoming with Comrade Corbyn at the helm, and you will be easily cut off completely from the digital world, Computers, Phone, TV anything connected, hay even SMART meters need broadband so your electricity is also at risk, on a whim by some blank face bureaucrat in bureau 82 section 34.

Time to wake up people

This is not a dig at Labour, they did bring it up, but against any Government wanting to have total control over access to the digital world.

At least with the multiple companies offering the service you have avenues to challenge and get better service / value for money but tackling a Bureaucrat in an office somewhere will rarely ever get you better service or recourse.

If Labour and any party want to make available fiber broadband to all then REAL pressure has to be put on the suppliers to make it happen.

You need Politician’s with balls to stand up to the global players, in all markets, and make them deliver better value for our money and services where they are falling short, not taking their excuses and sponsorship’s until the Government working FOR THE PEOPLE is satisfied.



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