Tying an Frank Sawyers Original Pheasant Tail Nymph

Tying an Frank Sawyers Original Pheasant Tail Nymph I start my new fly making offers with what must be the quintessential must have for all fly boxes. Frank Sawyers original Pheasant tail nymph (PTN)

This pattern has many many variations but this original still stands above the rest in its simplicity turning fish on.

Parts Required:
1 x Cock Pheasant tail feather
Fine copper wire
A hook sizes 12 to 18

Tying an original pheasant tail nymph

If possible, Load a bobbin with your spool of fine copper wire as this will make the tying easier.
Come a couple of mm back from the eye of the hook.

Start threading on your wire as you would silk and build a thorax of wir.

Now tight turns head to the back of the hook.

Take 4 to 6 fibers of the pheasant tail and tie in the tail.

Now twist the fibers and wire together to make a mixed rope and wrap the body forward.

When at the front, behind the eye area, release the fibers from the wire and make a wire wrap to secure the fibers.

Take the wire back in a wide wrap to the back of the thorax

Now send the fibers backward to cover the thorax and make one wrap wit the wire to secure it.

NOTE: You can finish here with a half hitch and trim the fibers as this was a basic variant Frank made if the fibers are short.

Tack the wire forward in a wide wrap and take the fibers towards the eye. Secure with a wire wrap and a couple pf half hitches to secure.

A dab of varnish on the copper wire head will make it last longer while fishing but you do not have to do this

A stroke of genius by Frank to make a simple fly, with is flashes of copper, attract fish like no other.

Wishing you tight lines


Frank Sawyers original Pheasant tail nymph (PTN)



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