Tying Diawl Bach (Little Devil) Fly

Tying Diawl Bach (Little Devil) Fly

Here is my blog regarding Tying Diawl Bach (Little Devil) Fly in black or red thread.

Diawl Bach BLACKMeaning “little devil”, the diawl bach is a popular Welsh fly pattern used in British still waters, and an appropriate lure to use when the fish are feeding on midge pupae. The dressing is simple: size 8 to 14 hook, brown thread, a few barbs of brown hackle for the tail, a few barbs of peacock herl for the body, and tying thread for the head.

Variations include jungle cock substitute cheeks, red head, hare’s ear for the body and flash materials on the back.

Diawl Bach REDFish as one of a team of three flies drawn slowly on a dry line with a long leader. A particularly effective method is to let the wind push the floating fly line around and look for a twitch in the line as indication that a fish has taken the fly. It can be effective during a midge (chironomid) hatch, and a flashy version is worth using towards the autumn as a pin fry imitator.

How to tie the Diawl Bach.

Start with a base of thread, black or red, back to the bend in the hook

Take about 6 fibers of brown hackle and tie in the tail

Take 2 strands of the peacock herl and tie in at the fat end to 2 or 3mm behind the eye and bring your tread back.

Twist the herl and thread to make a rope of the herl and wrap to the 2 or 3mm mark from earlier

Wrap until all the herl is used and trim any small tags left, wrap a couple of times with your thread

Now take about 12 fibers of the hackle and either turn the fly upside down and tie in the fibers underneath that way or if your skills will allow, tie in the fibers from the top to make imitation of legs as per the picture.

Wrap a tidy head for your fly and tie off.




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    • Hello Rob thank you for you comment
      When you make yours, you can shorten the heads if you feel it is needed to be that way.
      Short or long, I find the fish I catch with these and other flies seem care not if a head is to long or to short.

      Wishing you tight lines
      DC x

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