Tying the March Brown fly

Tying the March Brown fly

Tying the March Brown flyThe March Brown is a superb old classic that will never stop catching fish.
It is probably the most famous of all British mayflies and is held in very high esteem by fly fishermen throughout the UK and Europe for its proven effectiveness as a general searching pattern.

The March Brown is reputedly a variant of Dame Juliana Berners’ Dun Fly of 1496.

This fly can be tied with or without the wings, a heavier hackle turning it into a dry fly, but many anglers prefer this version





Materials needed.

Orange thread can be the new Hot Orange if you want a more vivid fly
Hook size 10 to 16
Partridge hackle
Hares ear dubbing
Cock pheasant fibers for tail
Hen pheasant fibers for wing

Tying the March Brown fly

Wrap your thread back to the bend in the hook

Take 3 fibers of cock pheasant and tie in the tail

Dub 2″ (5cm) of the Hares ear dubbing and build a body forward towards the eye and leave about 3 to 4 mm

Tie in your Hackle stem first and do 2 wraps

Now take a 5 to 6 mm set of fibers from the wings, one each side, of a hen pheasant and tie in the wing so it sits like the picture

Build a neat head.

Tie off and trim your thread.



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