To succeed they need to divorce

Due to the UK’s PM doing as she is told by the German EU Project last night, 10/04/2019, we now face full Local Elections and Euro Elections to vote for MEP’s

May I make it clear, pun intended, thatTR is NOT a member of UKIP,.

The TR “role” is to advise UKIP on various issues they campaign for, that is all.

But, the TR brand has been made toxic to anyone showing even the slightest support towards it which is damaging both UKIP and TR brands in the public image.

This has been done skillfully and unjustly by the combined efforts of Westminster & MSM which if your are enlightened, you can search and find out for yourself. It is all there to see if you want to.

To succeed to their full potential TR need to divorce their consultancy arrangement and serge forward alone into the coming EU elections.

I understand that TR is being asked by their followers and supporters to stand as an EU MEP and this I fully encouge them to do, but independantly.

TR need to show the world that they are a force in their own right and can manage politics on the world platform in a mature and constructive manner.

They will get very little support from the Main Stream Media and daggers will be out in the dark hearts of fellow MEP’s with agendas, but supported by a sizable UK vote, they can stear a steady ship alone.

Without the Main Stream Media asking about theTR brand every other question, UKIP will be free to further fight the EU project without the unjust branding of TR used against them.

Sometimes in battles, to win a war, you need to retreat, regroup and reasscess the situation.

Grab a breather, a well earned beer and plan ahead with the knowledge you have gained in your last battle.

I truly hope that both UKIP and TR can do this form of positive action and stride ahead strong and forceful to take the battle to the heart of the dark beast that is the EU, shinning their light so all can see the face of the EU Project before them, truly exposed by their own actions.



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